F.A.Q. Rock That Mouth


This course is all about helping you sound more natural and native in English. It’s designed to help you ditch the doubt and improve your English pronunciation to help you speak with confidence! It has 23 video lessons, and every lesson concentrates on one particular sound or pronunciation challenge. The video lessons are between 4 and 12 minutes long, and they are subtitled in English. Every lesson module has its own workbook, with the transcript of what I said in the video, and useful words and phrases to practice with (and occasional assignments!) You can download and keep the workbooks forever. There are over 3 hours of video lessons and over 100 pages of worksheets to keep you busy, and keep your mouth rocking! It’s the best workout you can get for your face.

This course is different because I designed it as an extension of my 30 years of experience as a Personal English (Pronunciation) coach. The lessons are fun to follow, have my crazy signature humor which will make you laugh while learning, and are extremely effective. My private coaching clients get amazing results, and I want the same for you!

It’s also not available forever. That’s why I want you to sign up for the waiting list. Waiting list members can access the program before anyone else, and the rest of the world can join later. Doors will be open only during Launch Week, then close again for several months. Then no one else can join after the doors have closed. I have created this system so I can give full focus to coaching the VIP members. VIP members get lifetime access, and a 1-hour Personal Feedback Session with yours truly. There are a very limited number of VIP spots available.

If you sign up for the waiting list, you can unlock the program 24 hours before anyone else. There are 3 types of memberships available. Standard members can access the program for 3 months, and VIP and Lifetime members can stay in the program forever. There are only a few VIP spaces available during Launch Week, so grab your spot before they sell out! Joining the waiting list is highly recommended for this, as you can get in before anyone else and have a greater chance of grabbing those covetede VIP coaching spots! 

If you have ever felt insecure about your English pronunciation, this is for you! This course also is for anyone who wants to speak, sing, or present more comfortably and naturally in English. Rock That Mouth is also excellent for people who would like to modify their accent and shape it more towards a native speaker level. If you feel your English is holding you back from communicating freely, then this course is an excellent way to tackle this challenge head on.

This course is made for all levels of English speakers and students. However, the entire course is in English, and there is no other support language. You can watch the videos again and again and pause them at any time if you need more time to understand. Every video lesson has English subtitles, and you also get the transcript of every lesson in each workbook.

Rock That Mouth! is made up of 23 lessons, and each lesson focusses on one specific idea. This could be, for example, the difference between the blown and buzzed TH sound (oh, yes, that’s a real thing!), the long and short A sound, or the muting and blending of certain sounds in English. Every video lesson is between 4 and 12 minutes long, and you get a workbook with each lesson. You can download the workbooks and keep them forever, even after the course has finished, so that you can continue to practice on your own. Another fun feature of this course is that you don’t have to follow the modules in any special order. You can start anywhere you like and focus on your own learning goals. The last module, module 23, is all about Tongue Twisters and that will really give your mouth a big workout, so you might want to save that one for the end. Or start with it as a challenge – it’s all up to you!

As often as you like, on any device, at any time, during the entire length of your membership.

To quote Obama – ‘Yes, you can!’

Once you have paid, you will receive a welcome mail with your user name and password. Then you can log in and get started! There are 23 modules, and each one focusses on a specific sound or learning goal. Every video is between 4 and 12 minutes long, and is subtitled in English. You also get a workbook with the English transcripts and lots of useful words and phrases to practice with. You can download and keep the workbooks.

This all depends on you! You can do a module every day, do 2 or 3 modules a week, or go through the entire program in one day (but your mouth might get really, really tired from all that rockin’!). In total there are over 3 hours of video lessons about a hundred pages of worksheets. You learn at your own speed, so your own time investment totally depends on you. Every lesson is between 4 and 12 minutes long, and it will take you just as long to go through the workbook for each lesson. Don’t forget, you can also listen to the lessons as mini-podcasts! You might miss some of the cool GIFs and animation, though! 

Although the course is awesome and fabulous, I cannot say you will sound like a native New Yorker or Londoner after following the course. That’s not the purpose of this program. I designed Rock That Mouth! to help you modify your accent in English so you can sound more natural and native. After following the course, you will sound less Dutch, French, Chinese, or German (or any other way you sound now), as your pronunciation will be much more naturalized to a neutral English style. To really get clear and honest feedback on your own pronunciation, I recommend investing in a VIP program. That way you will get a Personal Feedback Session, where I will work with you (and 3 others) in an hourlong, private, online session to give you clear and honest feedback and advice on your own English pronunciation. There are only a few VIP spots available, and if you sign up for the waiting list, you can unlock the program and get access to my VIP coaching calender before anyone else.

I speak American English, but during the course I do point out some British English upon occasion. The accent I focus on is called Transatlantic English – meaning not overly American or British. It’s more of a ‘neutral’ speaking style and is perfect to help you sound closer to a native English speaker.

The entire course is in English with no other support language. However, the video lessons all have (English) subtitles, and you get the English transcript of every course. You can pause and watch the videos as often as you like. This course is highly recommended for beginners, as it’s an excellent way to get a good start in your English pronunciation, before too many pronunciation mistakes creep in! You’ll be building a solid foundation in English. The only way is up!

I have years of experience in working with advanced (and even native!) speakers of English, and I can honestly say this course will give you lots of eye-openers. Not only in what to say, but what NOT to say. The Blending and Muting modules will help you to link words and phrases more naturally, the differences between the Blown and Buzzed TH are subtle yet have a huge impact, and the Tongue Twisters and Challenging Words modules will keep you sharp for sure!

Yes, but only for the VIP members. A VIP member gets lifetime access to the program (a Standard membership is 3 months long), and gets to join a Personal Feedback Session, which is where I coach 4 people online for 1 hour. There are only a few VIP spaces available for this edition. Waiting list members can access my coaching calendar before anyone else.


If you join the waiting list you will get access to the program and my coaching calendar before we launch, so you can get ready to Rock That Mouth before others get the chance! This is highly recommended for VIP members, as there are just a few spaces available, and I think it will sell out quickly. VIP members get my coaching calendar upon payment.

You wait.

Patience is a virtue, young grasshopper.

I’ll be in touch, and send you a SECRET CODE so that you can unlock the program 24 hours before anyone else!  


This all depends on the type of membership you get. A Standard membership is 3 months access to the program, and is €149,00. A Lifetime membership means….lifetime access, and is €249,00, and a VIP membership, which is lifetime membership PLUS a Personal Feedback Session, is €349,00. All prices are listed ex (21%) VAT. There are only a few VIP places available.

We accept IDEAL, PayPal, and Bancontact.

I’m afraid no refunds can be given for this program.

Yes! You will get a welcome mail with your login details after payment.

If you have joined the waiting list, you will get access to the program 1 day before the official launch. You will receive a SUPER SECRET CODE  to unlock the program before anyone else. VIP members will also get my coaching calendar upon payment.


There are 3: (All prices are listed ex VAT.)

Standard: €149,00 (3-month access to the program)

Lifetime: €249,00 (lifetime access to the program)

VIP (only a few spaces available!): €349,00 (lifetime access + 1 60-minute online Personal Feedback Session)

Because I want to find a way to help as many people as possible. Some people will get everything they need out of the program in just 3 months (this is also an excellent way to make you go through the entire course and keep you motivated to finish it all before access ends!) but others need more time, so lifetime access would work better for them. Other people would like personal feedback, so a VIP is perfect for them. There’s something here for everyone who has a mouth and wants to use it well.

Based on my experience, it takes about 3 months to see real progress. Remember, when you really work on your English pronunciation, you are using different muscles in your mouth, and it takes time to build this up naturally and effectively. After 3 months, this should be internalized and second nature.

The VIP program is lifetime access to the Rock That Mouth! course, plus 1 60-minute online Personal Feedback Session, where I coach 4 people in a private Zoom session.

VIP spaces are very limited, as there are only a few available each time the Rock That Mouth doors are open. People on the waiting list will get my VIP coaching calendar 24 hours before anyone else. If you would like a VIP spot, please sign up for the waiting list so you won’t miss out!

The Personal Feedback Sessions will take place on Fridays, and via Zoom. There are different session times available. In each session, I will work for 1 hour with just 4 people, and coach them individually, but in a group setting. You do not have to know the other members- this makes it fun and exciting! You will not only get personal feedback but you will learn so much by seeing me coach others with things they struggle with in English. It’s a very valuable hour – it will fly by! – and you will get personal tips and tricks to help you go even further in your English pronunciation.

You will get a calendar link to my Zoom coaching sessions upon payment. You can sign up for a time and date that work for you. Please keep in mind that these sessions are only on  Fridays, and there is no other time or day available. Waiting list members get early access, so sign up for the waiting list!

No, in the interest of privacy, the sessions will not be recorded.

You will get a mail towards the end of your Standard membership stating that your membership will end soon, but you will be given the opportunity to upgrade to a Lifetime membership in that mail.

I want to give personal and honest feedback to all the VIP members, so I am limiting the group size in order to do that effectively. Waiting list members get first choice before anyone else, so please sign up for the waiting list if you are interested in a VIP membership.

I’m sorry to hear that! Either you can send someone in your place or you can mail assistant@buffiduberman.com to see if there is another slot available at another time. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given.

Don’t worry – we will let you know! You will get a mail 4 weeks before the end, 1 week before the end, and 1 day before the end, stating when access will end. However, you will also be given the opportunity to upgrade to a Lifetime membership if you’d like to continue learning with the program! We will mail you about that.


I’m Buffi Duberman, and yes, it’s my real name and it’s really spelled that way. I’m a native New Yorker who has spent over 30 years coaching celebrities, artists, politicians, and CEOs in their English communication skills, so that they can speak, sing, write, and present with total confidence in English. I have written several books, designed many online Business English and Communication courses, and thousands of people around the world learn with me online every day. This is my very first pronunciation course, and I am thrilled to share all of my tips and tricks with you!

I have worked with many artists to help them sound natural when singing and acting. You might have heard of Duncan Laurence, the winner of Eurovision Song Festival, or the Dutch entry Jeangu Macrooy, or the Belgian entry Hooverphonic. I’ve worked with them all. I’m also the personal English Coach for artists like Danny Vera, Epica, Caro Emerald, Within Temptation, Racoon, Jacqueline Govaert, Anneke van Giersbergen,and Tim Knol. You might have seen my work on TLC, Shownieuws, or other programs, as I’m a pronunciation coach and consultant for TV shows like The Voice (both in the Netherlands and in Belgium) X Factor, So You Wanna Be A Pop Star, We Want More, and…more. I’ve also been the pronunciation coach for movies like April, May, and June (where I coached Linda de Mol), A Pink Moon Comes (Tim Haars), de Dirigent (Christanne de Bruijn), the Hope Affair (Monic Hendrickx), and Brimstone. I have also coached top actors, voiceovers, and media personalities like Aiko Beemsterboer, Yolanthe Cabau, Freek Vonk, Jandino Asporaat, Hadewych Minis, and voiceover talents like Sieger Sloot, Barnier Geerling, Machteld van der Gaag, and Barbara Karel. I truly have the best job in the world. I don’t call myself a #happycoach for nothing!

Honestly? It doesn’t suck. 😉 ‘Buffi gives me life!’ said Jandino. Caro Emerald said ‘Your advice just makes so much sense!’ Linda de Mol said ‘Wow, from a British accent to an American one in just 2 sessions?!? Thank you, darling Buffi!’ and Tim Knol said ‘Buffi is the best English coach in the world.’ Bart van de Weide from Racoon says ‘I don’t write a song without checking with Buffi first’ and Danny Vera says ‘I wanted to get it right, that’s why I called Buffi!’

My clients are my best ambassadors, that’s why I never need to do acquisition. People hear a difference in their English, and they find me. The rest is history.

I love what I do and I do it with love for the most amazing people. And I am thrilled to have you learn with me in my new Rock That Mouth! course!

VIP members will get 1 60-minute online Personal Feedback session as part of their membership. 1:1 personal coaching is not part of this program. If you are interested in personal coaching, please let us know by mailing Karin, my PA, at assistant@buffiduberman.com.


We will be launching Rock That Mouth! several times a year. During Launch Week, you have 1 week to join the program. After that, access is closed until the next launch. You can always join the waiting list and be notified just before the next launch starts!

There will be approximately 2-4 months between launches.

The course is available all year long for people who have a Lifetime membership. For Standard members, the course is available for 3 months. You can only join the course during Launch Week, which will be about 3-4 times a year, and you have 1 week to join during that period. After that, you can join the waiting list and we will contact you just before the next launch!

Absolutely! You can use it on any device at any time for 3 months for a Standard Membership and forever with a Lifetime membership. Unless you get abducted by aliens. Then access might be tricky.

Standard members get access for 3 months, and Lifetime and VIP members get access for….life. May your mouth live long and prosper!


Please mail Karin at assistant@buffiduberman.com for all your questions. However, if you want me to marry you, the answer is probably no. Ok, it’s really no. Sorry.  So you don’t have to ask that one! Other questions are welcome! 🙂

Your mouth might never forgive you. Ever. You might just keep on speaking with doubt, hesitation, and fear. And who wants to live like that? Not me. And probably not you. Your mouth deserves the best. And so does the rest of you!